Cuban Brothers

The Cuban Brothers are unique. Born of the loins of seventies Havana, nurtured on a diet of soulful, sexy tunes and inspired by Cuban historical fact and mythology their fresh approach to live entertainment whips up a frenzy at every gig.

Their legendary performance combines music, riotous comedy, and sensational dancing – most of all we have fun!! So we hope you do too!!!

The Cuban Brothers launched by storming UK club land with their passionate attitude towards partying and performing.

Their unique flavour made nights out tasty again and their rise to fame has been meteoric. From stealing the main stage at Manumission to hosting the NME Awards The Cuban Brothers soon became the most desirable act to book for the coolest live events.

MTV were soon hot on their trail and in 2002 The Cuban Brothers started presenting music specials including festival coverage of Homelands and Creamfields, MTV in Ibiza and the MTV Music Awards.

A clip from the Guardian in 2006 says  “These boys are a seriously A-list act. Elton and David had them flown over to France in a private jet, Robbie Williams stage-invaded their act at his own end-of-tour party, Damien Hirst hired them for his Christmas do and Vernon Kaye and Tess Daly booked them for their wedding.”

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