• 1215 – ‘Battle of the School Bands’
  • 1400 – The Tar Babies
  • 1500 – Caribbean Dreams
  • 1520 – *zucchini*
  • 1605 – Caribbean Dreams
  • 1630 – Alfie Noakes (acoustic set)
  • 1725 – ‘Battle of the School Bands’ – Winner
  • 1800 – Dickie Ticker
  • 1900 – Warwick Lowe Band
  • 2000 – sevenscore
  • 2100 – Plan B
  • 2200 – intraverse
  • 2300 – Shot To Bits
  • 0000 – Close

To follow up my extensive review from 2003, I was invited down to attend the 2005 show, which I gladly accepted. I still had vivid memories of the 2003 event which was very special for many points, not least the whole reason for the events purpose in the first place. 2003 seriously rocked BIGTIME. And those that were lucky enough to be there will agree 101% I am sure. Therefore I was secretly hoping that 2005 would be even better. Or was that possible? Perhaps 2005 would be a slight anticlimax and as with some follow-ups didn’t quite meet expectations.

THIS WAS NOT TO BE…………….. Oh no!……………..Not by a million miles………….. Even though I am writing this about six months after the event, the memories of that day are still as fresh as ever and the pain of the thumping bass that pounded out the bins hit you like a cricket bat across your chest. That feeling still lingers believe me.

As with my 2003, I will not single out any one act for either special praise. Everyone played to excess. All performers gave it their all – and then some. The single thing that struck me about the 2005 show over the 2003 show was the extra diversity of musical genres. 2005 spanned virtually every type and style of popular music available.

Everything from reggae, solo acoustic performances, school bands (and I don’t mean trumpets or violins!), right through all styles of “pop” right up to what would best be described as thrash and metal. It was all there. Something for everyone.

If you like it loud – go down to the front barrier and either headbang or pogo – if you prefer it quieter, then take a blanket and sit further back up the hill. Your choice. As I said its a day for everyone. I saw babes in arms – right up to old fogies who were kept entertained tapping their feet to some of the old Quo numbers! What more can you want? Good music all day… a beer tent… good food… all your mates…  and even more music… PERFECT!

I know I said I wouldn’t pick out anyone for special mention as I feel its a tad unfair to the others. All worked harder than ever – however, my favourite this year was Introverse. There – I have said it. They really worked the crowd, whipping them up like no others. Excellent band who are destined for much greater things.

Will there be MMM 2006 or 2007? I really and truly hope so. Anybody who didn’t catch 2003/5 – DON’T – REPEAT DON’T miss out on any more. You will kick yourself if you do. And that’s the truth.

By David Warren