In 2005, ‘OffLimit’, ‘KameraKi’, ‘HPR’ and ‘This Modern Heartbreak’ fought their way through a slurry of broken strings, distortion, wailing vocals and the occasional groupie to give their all on the main stage of mmm05. It was a battle well fought but only one band would emerge as the winner and that was KameraKi. It’s now 2007 and on July 14th, four bands will once again battle for musical supremacy.

The mmm07 Battle of the Bands competition is a fantastic opportunity for young musicians to showcase their talents, in front of an audience including some of the trustees of musiconthemeadow and a panel of judges representing Inbred Promotions and Fender® UK, who this year have kindly sponsored the event. The winners this year will be presented with mmm’s beautiful new ‘Monk Memorial Trophy’ along with prizes kindly donated by Fender®, but the real prize at stake is the chance to perform a prime time slot on a professional stage in front of 4,000 people – a great experience for any band! So, with battle grounds set, two heats took place, each one featuring several bands looking to rock their way to the meadow – but only the two best bands from each heat could be chosen to go through to the final playoff.

The competition kicked off with Heat One on Monday June 11th at Beacon Community College, Crowborough. Featuring the talents of ‘Formally Known As’, ‘The Nameless’, ‘Forward In Reverse’, ‘Something About Milo’ and ‘OffLimit’, each band rocked as hard as they could as our judges looked on to decide who would step up to the stage on July 14th. With a rather funky backdrop, the bands performed to a busy and energetic crowd which only added to an already buzzing atmosphere for the young rockers. Highlights included a rocking version of “Love Machine” from OffLimit and a great set from Forward In Reverse who sadly were not able to make the big day, but entertained nonetheless.

It was a hard choice following some great performances, all of which oozed class and dedication from all those involved, but it would be ‘OffLimit’ and ‘Something About Milo’ that caught the judges ears. The first two had been chosen to go through!

The competition resumed on Wednesday July 4th at Heathfield Community College as a very busy and excited audience waited for the show to begin. With a stunning backdrop of psychedelic lighting, the bands were ready to impress. ‘Me The Jury’, ‘Kill The Man’, ‘On the Spot’, ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’, ‘Hott Property’ & ‘Pilot Licence’ made it look easy as they each took to the stage with ‘Me The Jury’ slamming into a lively performance of Black Eyed Peas’ “Lets Get This Started” to open the night. ‘Me The Jury’ then left the stage and the crowd were almost immediately treated to and energetic set by the metal five piece, ‘Kill The Man’.

Just before the interval, youngsters ‘On The Spot’ took their positions, wowing the crowd and the judges with a tight, professional set that received a overwhelming crowd reaction. A break for Coke and crisps followed before ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’, ‘Hott Property’ & ‘Pilot Licence’ stepped up to play some strong sets. This included a moment of brilliance from Innocent’s lead guitarist who jumped from the stage mid solo, running up past the judges and back to the stage, solo still intact – the stuff legends are made of! But Following ‘Pilot Licence’s’ last notes, the judges retired to consider their verdict. They finally settled on ‘Kill The Man’ and ‘On The Spot’ who will be joining ‘OffLimit’ and ‘Something About Milo’ on the meadow on Saturday July 14th.

Well done to all the bands who have taken part and good luck to the remaining four!

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